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Maria Liu

A founding member of the firm, Maria Liu specializes in criminal defense and post-conviction relief. She is committed to ensuring that individuals accused of crimes are afforded fair treatment, respect, and the legal and constitutional protections guaranteed to them. In addition to her private cases, she represents indigent clients as a member of the Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel.

Maria realized early in her career that she wanted to use her law degree to fight injustices and to protect clients’ personal and property rights. Prior to establishing the firm, Maria worked at the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender for three years. As a deputy public defender, Maria handled criminal and juvenile matters ranging from traffic offenses to serious felonies. Maria enjoyed working with indigent clients because they are often the people who need lawyers the most.

Maria was raised in Tupelo, MS. She received a Bachelor of Science in speech communication from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. Thereafter, Maria received her law degree from Southern Illinois in May 1997. While in law school, Maria was involved in numerous organizations and worked at the Illinois Migrant Legal Assistance Project and the Land of Lincoln Rural Legal Aid.

Maria is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Academy of Forensic Science, the Colorado Bar Association and the Weld County Bar Association. Maria is a past-president of the Weld County Bar Association and previously worked as a part-time municipal judge for the City of Greeley.

In 2008, for her work on the Timothy Masters case, Maria was awarded the Gideon Award by the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar and the Sherman Award by the American Civil Liberties Union.